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Easy to solve 80-85HP tractor failures


If the 80-85HP tractor engine out white gas, it shows that there is part of the fuel for the engine temperature is too low, the oil and gas atomization. The reason for this phenomenon and the elimination method:

80-85HP tractor

(1) The fuel injection time too late, injector when there is leakage. The injection pressure is too low, poor atomization temperature is too low, the machine before combustion by white smoke is discharged. Processing method, correction fuel injection time, injection time condition adjustment.
(2) There is water in diesel engine, such as after taking gray smoke, with the temperature rise of gray smoke still exists, it may be water in diesel oil, processing method, fuel tank drain valve opens before starting each day, the sediment and water from.
(3) Cylinder pressure, cylinder liner, piston ring wear due to formation, and valve sealing side, cause the engine started to take the white smoke, and then with the temperature rise, into the light black smoke and black smoke, processing method is to replace the wear of the cylinder liner, piston rings, valve seat or modified air door.

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