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Reasons and maintenance measures of farm tractor automatic gear jump


Many people are more concerned about the farm tractor automatically skip files. Therefore, to find causes and solutions is necessary.

Farm tractor automatic gear jump reasons:
1, The vice speed sliding gear in the gear wear, under heavy load the sliding gear up, automatic open and blocked.
2, The secondary gear shifter wear or deformation, the sliding gear axial displacement jump.
3, The gear lever is not pushed to the end, the sliding gear shift jump off.
4, The locking steel ball and the shifting fork shaft locking groove serious wear and tear, the locking spring force decreases to block jump.
Farm tractor automatic gear jump maintenance measures:
1, Replace the vice speed sliding gear.
2, Replace the fork wear deformation.
3, Put the gear lever in the end.
4, Repair or replace the lock spring.

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