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How to use 160HP farm tractor more efficient in summer


Summer is 160HP farm tractor used the most busy season. If the use of improper maintenance, farm tractor is prone to failure, delay. In order to make the 160HP farm tractor security work in summer, you must pay attention to the following matters:
160HP farm tractor1. High summer temperatures, lubricating oil will be thin. Therefore, the oil pan and filter out winter oil, and cleaning, No. 14 diesel oil in summer; gear oil bridge shell of the gearbox and rear, switch gear oil No. 30.
2. Oil to switch from "winter" to spin "summer", let the filter to the oil through the oil radiator cooling and then enters the main oil channel, in order to avoid the oil temperature is too high and the occurrence of the tile burning or cylinder.
3. Comprehensive cleaning fuel supply system, choose 0 or 10 light diesel oil, in order to save costs.
4. On the scale tank, water jacket, in the radiator to carefully remove radiator out side, also should keep clean, cooling water should be clean water.
5. The summer homework cooling water evaporation fast, should be added. If the tank "boil", do not immediately add cooling water, in order to avoid engine fried lie.The first small throttle low idle for a period of time, the water temperature is reduced, and the cooling water.
6. Fan belt can not be too loose, the engine should be checked before starting.Generally use the thumb press the tape down middle, 1.5-2.5 cm.
7. In the summer tire pressure less than standard atmospheric pressure of 2%-3%,in order to prevent blowout. 160HP farm tractor after parking to shade, avoid sun exposure after tire aging metamorphism.
8. Battery electrolyte in the summer, easy evaporation, should be inspected once every 5-10 days, keep the level higher than the plate 10-15 mm. Through hole can not cover the battery block, so as to avoid the battery explosion.

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