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The answer and questions of press oil machine


Q: how to filter and reduce the domestic press deposits?
Answer: The best on the filter net in the shop three layers of gauze filter, in addition to the oil bucket of salt mixing natural sediment at the bottom of the bottle.
Q: I heard that peanut easily with aflatoxin, press oil machine(small oil press machine) out of the oil will not be a problem?
Answer: only moldy peanuts exist aflatoxin. General at home is to buy their own peanut oil, consumers
In the oil before they can check whether the moldy materials, moldy peanuts is easy to distinguish with the naked eye.
Simply choose to ensure raw materials are fresh and healthy.
The following two picture shows the fresh peanuts and moldy peanuts.
Q: I heard that just squeezed out of the oil is oil, not to eat directly?
Answer: the country now has the standards for edible oil special, divided into filling oil standard and crude oil standard, our press squeezed oil
Detection of related departments to fully comply with the standard of oil. Crude oil is the soil in rural areas, in general,crude oil appearance index cann’t be compared with bottle type.
Such as bottled oil, but more fresh and more fragrant, therefore has been popular.
Q: Just squeezed out of the oil can immediately use? Can be used to make salad dressing?
Answer: just squeezed out of oil because the oil in the mixed powder is not completely precipitated, will be cloudy, but does not affect the use.
Is it used for cooking, but for a period of time after cooking to clarify the effect will be better. Generally placed 4 hour basic can clarify.
Fresh oil can be directly used for salad dressings, even lower precipitation part used to flavor is very delicious.

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