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The notes of farm tractors in application


Tractor can be devided into agricultural tractors and industrial tractor by the usage feilds. Generally speaking, a variety of farm machinery agricultural tractors(walking tractor) with a matching. Most of farm tractor work on the soft and smooth soil, with more stable speed and rated load.
Farm tractor(agriculture tractor) performance
More powerful:
Matching on the new upgrade six cylinder engine, low oil consumption, large torque backup, strong power;
Dynamic emission upgrade, upgrade performance, low fuel consumption, high reliability.
More advanced technology:
The gearbox adopts synchronizer shuttle gear, bevel gear transmission, control more flexible, lightweight;
Employed universal joint drive shaft, large transmission torque, high reliability;
New cooling system structure, light weight, the turnover mechanism, repair, convenient cleaning, high heat dissipation capability;
Independent hydraulic system oil supply, high reliability;
Work more efficiently:
The shuttle gear shift of farm tractor, reasonable matching shift speed, high work efficiency;
The big fuel tank reserves, long continuous operation time;
Option II, III three point suspension hanging device, suitable for a variety of farm machinery operation, high operation efficiency;
Driving more comfortable
The superior performance, advanced structure, fashion streamlined design, fully enclosed cab, optional type;
Air conditioning, heating system, audio, luxurious and comfortable;
Electric lifter, comfortable control, portable.


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