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10 ~ 20HP walking tractor improves the driver's working conditions


10 ~ 20HP walking tractor is a small tractor. Controlled by the driver leaning on the handrail frame steering mechanism , traction or drive supporting tools perform operations. Simple structure, generally from the rack, power plant , transmission lines , running gear , steering , brakes and steering mechanism and other components. Less power, and more generally a horizontal single-cylinder diesel engine, engine power is transmitted by a V-belt drive system , powered by a clutch control speed . Power can be divided according to the size of 2.2 kilowatts or less , 2.2 to 4.5 kilowatts , 5 to 13 kilowatts three levels. Performance can be divided by job -driven , traction and drive traction combined type . Driven mainly supporting rotary tiller, dozer , cultivators , fertilizer and other operations , so called power tiller . The main supporting traction traction implements, such as plow , seeder , small harvesters and trailers and other operations. Supporting the rotary tiller can either type operations, but also accompanied by supporting job or trailer towing implements for transport operations.

According to walking device, walking tractor can be divided into wheeled, tracked, and work style. To improve the working conditions of the driver, we increased 10 ~ 20HP walking tractor mounted support wheels and seat occupant becomes tractor. Tractor plowing ceremony, also known as non-wheeled tractor, which is characterized by no wheels, but the hard parts installed on the drive shaft rotation, tillage of the soil and walk forward. Its power can be driven pumps, agricultural and sideline products processing boat oar machinery, some regions also set up a common chassis, you can dress up a variety of working parts for a variety of jobs.

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