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The main classification and and application of the wheeled tractor


The agricultural tractors are divided into three types, tractors, wheeled tractors and crawler tractor. According to the power, it can be divided into large tractors, medium-sized tractor and small tractor. The walking tractor is a small tractor, power of 11kW(15 horsepower), farmland homework and short haul transport is mainly suitable for small fields.
The wheeled tractor is divided into two kinds of belt drive and a power output shaft drive, belt drive is generally small four-wheel tractor, power from 8.8kW to 14.7kW(12 horsepower to 20 horsepower); the power output shaft drive for large, medium-sized tractor, power of 14.7kW (20 horsepower), along with the need of production,power and the greater the wheeled tractor tractor; main farmland operation or transport operations in the rural areas of North China, including large wheeled tractor suitable for use in a large area of farmland production, can greatly improve production efficiency. Crawler tractor due to be equipped with dozer, generally used in the basic construction of farmland and water conservancy engineering etc.. The power adopts diesel engine.

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