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How to reduce the farm tractor machine oil consumption?


Taking ten measures can help you to reduce the farm tractor machine oil consumption, in order to reduce costs.
One, maintenance of air filter. Regular maintenance of the air cleaner, no cloth or other object wrapped air filter, maintain the filter intake smooth, to reduce air resistance.
Two, do not change the direction of exhaust pipe. Don't change the exhaust pipe are random in direction, so as not to increase the resistance of exhaust, the engine fuel consumption increase.
Three, regular adjustment of valve clearance. Valve clearance should be adjusted.If the engine gear camshaft wear caused by gas distribution corresponding angle decreases, appropriate to reduce the valve clearance (or 0.2 mm), to compensate for the reduced gas distribution phase angle. Cam shaft of serious wear and tear to the timely replacement.
Four, to adjust the clearance between the transmission parts. Fit clearance adjusting locomotive driving parts, in order to reduce the consumption of power transmission parts, so as to reduce the fuel consumption and the production cost.
Five, do not overload, run. The correct choice of traction load, do not overload, not speeding, not running on empty.
Six, keep the cooling water temperature appropriate. The engine should be working in the state of water the best, because the water temperature is too high or too low will increase fuel consumption, increase the cost of production.
Seven, the correct use of brake. Farm tractor machine in the running to minimize the use of brake. Due to incorrect brake will not only increase the mechanical wear and tear, but also increase the power consumption, increase fuel consumption.
Eight, to prevent oil leakage. Regular consumption of detection technology on the engine, fuel leakage phenomenon occurred resolutely eliminate.
Nine, the correct traction machine. The correct adjustment of traction machine with the gap and the traction angle. Farm tractor machine should do not open, small;tire pressure to conform to the standard.
Ten, the reasonable selection of gear. Reasonable selection of gear, work should be selected, the throttle, the engine no black smoke shall prevail.

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