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Some technical maintenance methods before using the 80-85HP tractor


Before using the 80-85HP tractor, you should take some technical maintenance approach, which is the basis of the work of saving.
80-85HP tractor1, Tire pressure maintained at normal. Because the pressure is too high or insufficient, increase the resistance will cause the 80-85HP tractor driving, fuel consumption increases, tests showed that if the tire pressure is 20% lower than required, fuel consumption will increase by about 10%.

2, Adjust the fuel supply advance angle. Supply advance angle is too small or too large, will cause incomplete combustion of diesel exhaust black smoke while working weakness, increased fuel consumption. Therefore, should the specification diesel fuel supply advance angle adjustment.

3, The fastening screws. Engine and gearbox between the bracket screw loose, fuel consumption will increase.

4, Adjust valve clearance. Valve clearance, large or small, will affect the inflated amount, which asked the gap is too large valve, fuel consumption will increase by nearly 20%.

5, Select the lubricant according to the season. Winter and summer should be replaced with a different viscosity lubricants.

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