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Six characteristics of the hydraulic olive oil press machine


Hydraulic olive oil press machine can press sesame, olive, cocoa beans, walnuts, almonds, and other high oil crops. Hydraulic olive oil press machine has the following six characteristics:
1, Automatic oil filter: using the air pressure principle, the vacuum diversion technology, built-in vacuum diverter, effective oil separation, slag.
2, Beautiful appearance: machine table using the latest materials and electrostatic spraying, strong adhesion, high fat, high temperature resistant. Beautiful appearance, and easy to clean, ensure health.
3, High oil output rate: the directional pressure, multistage propulsion, a squeeze net, oil yield is greatly improved.
4, Automatic temperature control: electronic program control, scientific heating,automatic control pressing temperature.
5,Safe and convenient: compact structure, less occupied space; the transmission system adopts the full closed protection, safe and convenient operation.
6,Production capacity: strengthening feed system, promote the speed, work efficiency.

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