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How farm machinery development is in China


Development of agricultural mechanization, the following trends:
The first is the regional agricultural development. Development of agricultural mechanization will be in accordance with local conditions, cost-effective, safety, environmental protection principles, and the rest of the layout around the advantages of regional agricultural development of characteristic agriculture, agricultural mechanization play the comparative advantages of each region.
The second is the agricultural agronomic integration. Mutual adaptation of both agricultural and agronomic objective requirements of the development of agriculture, but also the direction of development of agricultural mechanization.With the acceleration of China's agricultural modernization, agricultural machinery(farm tractors made in china) and agronomic will be more closely combined with each other, which is the world's agricultural scientific and technological progress of the basic law.
A slight improvement in business efficiency of farm tractor:
In recent years,the overall trend is relatively stable steel prices,while business sales increased, especially in medium and large drag increment,so that the tractor industry efficiency has improved the situation.Although most rosy trend in corporate profits , but the farm tractor industry profit margins remain low. According to statistics, this year under the multiple positive sales growth. Farm tractor export showed upward trend:
In summary, we expect the fourth quarter as food prices increase the farmers' income growth and further enhance the enthusiasm of farmers to agricultural investment,with the first batch of funds set aside,some provinces may be issued in advance to operate the program,so farm tractor sales also optimistic about the fourth quarter.


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