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Tractor industry analysis shows that domestic demand has increased efficiency


Tractor China industry is showing signs of adjustment. Situation from 2009 , due to a variety of factors subsidy program , the amount of subsidies , etc; tractor China industry is showing signs of adjustment. First, the industry adjustment occurs between the tractor product variety . According to statistics, this year there has been a larger sized trailer sales growth, but the tractor and small four-wheel tractors are showing some decline, which is a natural adjustment to market demand , namely the inclusion of the country make up the directory better product sales , not included in the subsidy catalog sales of products relatively affected to some extent ;
The product structure adjustments.From the statistics,the sales growth this year is the big horsepower and above products,although other varieties increased,but a larger increase in the gap,indicating that due to the impact of subsidies, medium and large power extends upward drag products , this is a psychological adjustment of farmers' needs; sign ups and downs occur between the companies to adjust. Even the biggest increase in the industry and medium-sized tractors(mini tractor,cheap tractor) , this year there are two medium-sized enterprises in production and sales volume has decreased drag , which is a change in the industry under the current market situation, the competitiveness of enterprises.
With the subsidy funds issued , there will be a wave of selling in the market, in terms of the tractor China industry is a good market opportunity. If the subsidy program is still around by the implementation of the first half , then the tractor will have greater market demand.


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