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The problems home oil press machine have in cleaning and processing


For home oil press machine, how equipment cleaning and processing environmental issues are ? In order to understand the home oil press machine, we spoke to a the press technician . " Raised on grain and oil processing enterprises from crushing griefs, may be they do not understand from press works for home oil press machine in oil extraction(corn oil press machine,automatic oil press machine), users can own selection of raw materials , oil extraction process in a closed environment machine carried out ." It is understood that most of the home oil press machine are able to disassemble the home clean,especially the important parts , dismantled or disinfecting cabinet can be placed in a microwave disinfection.It is well known by the technical staff,to protect the safety of consumers ,press rigorous selection of raw materials , those who come into contact with the oil components,are using food-grade materials ,and achieved national certification, safety is guaranteed.
Oil quality : PK natural without additives added
Considering the quality of the oil , the key is stored , and the purity of the oil . Almost all in the mall to buy oil all contain additives, processing enterprises in order to prolong the shelf life of the oil , add the necessary appropriate additives is understandable. However,media reports said already , the traditional grain and oil industry, some of the sinister oil manufacturers in order to ensure that the oil color and fragrance, preservatives , antioxidants , coloring agents. Regardless of the type of business , for the industrial oil, "additive" can be said to be essential.
Technical personnel to respond in order to improve the oil yield,industrial oil extraction by chemical leaching most,if not handled properly , have a great impact on the oil . Today most home use pure physical squeezing press , the whole process does not involve any chemical additives , to ensure health and safety squeeze oil , pollution , natural nutrition and not destroyed. "Physical squeeze out the oil quality and more reliable.
 Since oil extraction and oil extraction industry,there are many places you can comparison , here is not listed .The other question for you , the home press home press technician made a brief reply.
"For the consumer for home oil press oil extraction process sound big , the oil rate, long time standing question of oil , we can understand. Produce the good home oil press machine need the core technology and raw materials to control. However the research team brings together experts in domestic appliances , nutrition experts . was ensure that products are useful to consumers , health , and we are home after a long press of the development and validation , dare to market . "
Household press technician again warned consumers not to only consider the cheap price when selecting home oil press machine,which depends on whether manufacturers can provide raw material inspection certificate and oil proof. In general,the choice of brand is still relatively secure.


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