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How to check and debug the hydraulic olive oil press machine


The main parts of the hydraulic olive oil press machine are a piston, hydraulic cylinders, columns, beams on activities, base, oil pump, cylinder, electric lap and automatic temperature control devices. Hydraulic olive oil press machine is made of high quality metal materials, in order to improve the machine performance, and ensure the life of the components.
1, The whole pressure test. Test used was 1.25 times the working pressure pressure; checking piston out to the maximum working stroke, the regulator 15 minutes, the pressure gauge reading should not exceed 4% decline in the value of the test pressure; all the oil should no leakage; at all after the pressure drop, pressure gauge pointer back to the "0" bit, moving parts without catching phenomenon, parts should be no damage, trolley may not have significant deformation.
2, Before the pump test, first add a clean machine oil or vegetable oil in the tank, move the handle up and down pressure. Check the press piston is rising. If the piston does not rise or handle pressure move effortlessly in time, we must check the tank valve, and the exclusion of air from the lines.
3, The reliability of the safety valve test: working pressure safety valve adjusted to the upper left +5 MPa, left +1 MPa, test 5 times in a row, the needle valve opening and closing sensitive valve pressure gauge readings after each jump should not be less than the rated working pressure.

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