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The tractor China have improve the adjustment in technology


In recent years, Bona farm machinery based on scientific development , seize market opportunities , for many years nearly 30 percent of the speed of high-speed development , to achieve the corporate take-off , stable domestic medium and large trailer industry first phalanx . Among these, the technological transformation of enterprises into a wind farm off the booster. Affirmed our industry partners in recent years, the development of agricultural achievements that will further accelerate the expansion of production capacity Bona farm machinery to enter the international market , to create an international tractor industry mainstream brands pace. Next, we will increase the effective development of agricultural investment to accelerate the transformation and upgrading of a new starting point , to promote enterprise planning objectives for local social and economic development and make greater contributions .
Tractor industry is showing signs of adjustment. First, the industry adjustment occurs between the tractor product variety . According to statistics, this year there has been a larger sized trailer sales growth, but the tractor and small four-wheel tractors are showing some decline, which is a natural adjustment to market demand , namely the inclusion of the country make up the directory better product sales , not included in the subsidy catalog sales of products relatively affected to some extent ; Second, an adjustment of product structure and medium-sized trailer . From the statistics, the sales growth this year is the big wheeled mini tractor products, although other varieties increased, but a larger increase in the gap , indicating that due to the impact of relevant policies , medium and large power extends upward drag products this is a kind of psychological adjustment of farmers' needs ; Third, sign ups and downs occur between the companies to adjust. From the statistical data, the main business income of many companies has declined ; Even the biggest increase in the industry and medium-sized tractors , production and sales this year, there are several large and medium enterprises has declined hauled , which is the current industry market under a change in the situation of the competitiveness of enterprises .
With the adjustment of policies , there will be a wave of selling in the market, in terms of the tractor industry is a good market opportunity. If the subsidy program is still around by the implementation of the first half , then the tractor will have greater market demand.


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